Specialist Classes

Private Classes:

I am prepared to run individual one on one classes or for small groups.

Foundation Course:

There has always been a shortage of such courses in the region.  These provide an opportunity for you to explore yoga in greater depth and discover the many different aspects of yoga.  The BWY courses usually involve some 60 hours of attendance on a course (over a number of weeks e.g. 10) together with private study.  These also provide a lead into the Diploma course for those wishing to become a teacher.Currently the closest course is just outside Bicester run by Fredrica Jones and these were started in 2011 – contact her on Freddie@yogabodyandsoul.co.uk

Yoga in Prison:

The PPT supports teachers and has been promoting the benefits of teaching yoga and meditation in prisons since 1988.  Over 120 courses are run in over 78 secure establishments for prisoners, officers and other staff.  It supports this work with free booklets, CD’s, newsletters and correspondence with prisoners.  Interested parties will get a free workshop.  For further details go to www.theppt.org.uk

Currently I have approached 3 prisons with a view to running classes for prisoners and prison staff.  It is however a long process to get a class established.  After 21months I have started to teach prisoners at HMP Onley.

Yoga for teachers:

Having attained a teaching qualification myself and undertaken some teaching, as well as having friends who teach I understand the pressures that they are under.  Yoga offers much to help relief those pressures and help staff cope.  I can run courses at schools if staff would like me to see questionaire