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…to Yoga Live-It – for Yoga in Banbury.  This is the website of David Russell, an experienced yoga teacher, qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga, currently running classes in Banbury.  The focus is mainly on hatha yoga but with other influences.  I am interested in the philosophy and spiritual side of yoga and generally the classes include a short talk on something yogarish to widen the experience.  Classes generally comprise 1 hour of asanas, followed by inverted postures, Pranayama and then relaxation, meditation or visualisation – total 1.5hrs.

The big change for the Autumn sessions is the use of further new venues and a shared teaching experience; with Chantal Salt doing the first 4 sessions and then back to me for October.

Hi Everybody

This Autumn sees a departure in terms of teaching.  I am now sharing the class with Chantal Salt.  We restart on the 8th September with a 13 week session up to the 8th December.

I’m off to Italy on the motorcycle and she is running the first 4 classes, I will then take the classes in October and we will then see how it is going, with a view to us running alternate months.  This should give a richer course of yoga.  The morning class sees a move back into Banbury at the Dupuis Centre, by St John’s Church (South Bar, parking at the rear) as the space at the Rugby Club was too small and a bit noisy. The evening class is still at the Redlands Centre (off the Warwick road).

Chantal , who started attending yoga lessons some thirty years ago, always felt that her practice helped her achieve physical and mental well being.  As the years went by, she wanted to learn more about the transformative power of yoga and this led her to train as a British Wheel of Yoga teacher –  she runs classes at Middleton Cheney and at a school.  She works with postures, breath, meditation and relaxation to promote a sense of peace and calm in her lessons.  She has a strong interest in alignment and breath work and likes to design individualised sequences of postures to suit her classes.

She can be contacted on 01295-711826

The new Thursday morning class will in future (as of Sept 8th) be held at the Dupuis Centre in Banbury, St Johns Church, South Bar OX16 9AF.   We have changed venues because the space was too small and a little noisy at the Rugby Club.  Parking is free accessed from Dashwood Road; coffee is available in Banbury.  We start here on the 8th September,

The new Thursday evening class will be held at the Redlands Centre from the 8th September.  This is just off Neidrop Avenue, which is accessed from the Warwick Road just up from the Texaco Garage or Ruscote Avenue OX16 2NT.  Again modern centre newly refurbished.

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I have been running a class at HMP Onley for nearly a 18months now for prisoners.  It has been quite a commitment and I am enjoying a break whilst I try to source some more funding and gain access to the other two facilities on site.  Running a session for prison staff would also be a bonus.  I have also been covering for another teacher at HMP Rye Hill this summer –  it has been interesting working in a different prison.