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…to Yoga Live-It – for Yoga in Banbury.  This is the website of David Russell, an experienced yoga teacher, qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga, currently running classes in Banbury.  The focus is mainly on hatha yoga but with other influences.  I am interested in the philosophy and spiritual side of yoga and generally the classes include a short talk on something yogarish to widen the experience.  Classes generally comprise 1 hour of asanas, followed by inverted postures, Pranayama and relaxation, meditation or visualisation.

As for my previous comment nature is now catching up after some 12months without rain!

Best wishes to you for 2016, see my post for the post Xmas programme. Everyone can benefit from yoga; is joining a class one of your new year resolutions?   Even a few hours a week can make a difference, but the more you put into it the more you’ll get out of it.

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I am currently reverting back to running a morning (9.30am) and one evening classes on a Thursday (7.30pm); I have run classes for Anjali at the Mill and Katherine House hospice in the past.  I have been running a class at HMP Onley for nearly a year now, for prisoners and am still trying to get a class at the other two facilities on site and then possibly one for prison staff later.   I am looking into doing a day or half day session in April along with some other teachers.